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Photo by Mika Manning Photography

Daelyn is a visual and performance artist currently based on the unceded territories of the Squamish, Musqueam, and Tsleil-Watuth Nations (Vancouver, BC). Born in Marondera, Zimbabwe and raised between Kenya and Canada, she completed her BFA in Theatre and Performance through the University of British Columbia. She continues to train in stage combat, mask, clown and devising, as well as experimenting with poetry, performance creation, abstract & figurative painting. 

Artistic Statement

I create art inspired by my experiences and a deep love of storytelling. I aim to create from an open curious space that looks at my own struggles, challenges and moments of simple pleasure: the dichotomy of life, the heavy joy and light sadness that go hand in hand. Since I was young art has been how I’ve processed pains, begun to dig into my own interests and research paths, and continue to explore my queer identity. I think I am most myself when I am creating, and I hope to create connection through every piece I make. 


I've always been drawn to fantasy, fable and symbology: I'm fascinated by what images call to us in the stories we share and create, and how old familiar molding takes on new shapes. I enjoy examining these archetypes through tarot, mythology, classical works, and fairy tales. I’ve been experimenting with more abstract forms informed by topography, movement and fluidity. I’m always struck by the need for change and movement in our lives and our inherent resistance to it. I'm always excited by new mediums and methods, currently developing my tattoo practice and expanding my portfolio. 

When not painting you can usually find me making a third cup of tea (to replace it's lukewarm predecessors), fully immersed in a book, or cooking feasts for friends.

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