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"Particular standouts were the bantering couple of Beatrice (Daelyn Lester-Serafini) and Benedick (Gray Clark) whose commitment to Shakespeare's wit and turbulent expression of pride and passion strongly shone."

- Irving Bolton, Two Cents Two Pence, 2018

"Many of the actors are successful at bringing their characters to life, particularly Clark and Lester-Serafini in their leading roles. They seem to have a very deep understanding of their characters and the text, bringing humour and meaning to a modern audience."

- Ash Tisdale, Two Cents Two Pence, 2018

"Lester-Serafini’s Beatrice is a strong, confident, sometimes fierce young woman whose reaction to Claudio’s betrayal of Hero is to growl, “Oh god, if I were a man I’d eat his heart in the marketplace.”

- Jerry Wasserman, Vancouverplays, 2018

"Their journey sees them battle bugbears and beholders, deal with demons, and step up to a dance off with a duo of devilish cheerleaders; Daelyn Lester-Serafini and Anni Ramsay are a delight in the roles." 

Brian Paterson, Vancouver Presents, 2018 

"Daelyn Lester-Serafini and Anni Ramsay’s ‘Evil Tina’ and ‘Evil Gabbi’, bold and funny, though vicious and sadly realistic." 

-Josephine Lancaster, Two Cents Two Pence, 2018

"Anni Ramsay and Daelyn Lester-Serafini hit the mark as two perfectly evil cheerleaders"

-Lillian Jasper, Two Cents Two Pence, 2018

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